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7 Glute Exercises Practiced at the Best Gyms in Kolkata

Do you want a perfect shape of your glutes or butts? Obviously, everyone wants an attractive shape and toned butt which highlights the persona of an individual. The fitness expert Mike Donavanik articulated an important line - “Having a strong butt is just as important as having a strong core.” So, the certified gym instructors of good multi gyms in Kolkata have some special ways to help people for improving the saggy and loose glutes which looks ugly.

Most of us does not care about our back portion of the body and just focus on the core or front body parts. But remember, a good-shaped back is always appealing when you wear stylish and tight dresses. So, focus on your saggy or loose muscles of the butts, and try to tone up the glutes by practicing a few smart workouts regularly.















1.Barbell Hip Thrusts

This exercise is specially designed by the experts of best multi gyms in Kolkata for toning down your glutes and hips. Barbell Hip Thrust increase the strength, size, and shape of your glute, and the squat movement of this thrust workout helps tighten the muscles by cutting the fat. Also, this works on the legs and back muscles of your body. You will need a bench, barbell, and dumbbell to do this exercise.


  • Lie straight with your upper back on a bench.

  • Start doing a push up at 90-degree without lifting your foot.

  • Look forward always.

  • Keep the chin portion to your chest without hurting your spine.

  • Complete around five sets of ten to twelve repetitions.


2.Split Squats

This is a great exercise that allows you to build the stability and strength of your glutes and legs. Moreover, if your glute and butt are not in good shape then enlarge the size of your hamstring, quads, and glutes by practicing this exercise.

The cricketers, martial artists, and footballers practice Split Squats to bring strength to the legs and other bottom parts of the body. So, the gym instructors of reputed fitness centers in Kolkata and other cities try to keep this exercise in their routine for every health-conscious individual.


  • Set a bench in front of you.

  • Place your trail leg on the bench and lunge just forward.

  • Push your heels from the floor and squat down to feel the glutes.

  • Avoid touching your knees to the floor.

  • Try to do 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetition with each leg.


3.Banded Kickbacks

It will be better to practice this glute workout with the help of a fitness instructor of a gym near you because practicing this exercise in the wrong way may harm you and less beneficial. So, get ready to practice Banded Kickbacks which will help you tone the muscles of your butts and legs.


  • Keep a band that is heavy just above your knees and take the plank position with the knees to the ground.

  • Try to kick the legs out behind from the band and towards the side.

  • Repeat the steps 2-3 times and relax.


4.Walking Lunge

Do you want a great functionality of your legs, glutes and other parts of bottom section in the body? Your professional instruction of the gym near you will tell you the way to do Walking Lunges along with the benefits.

This exercise can bring activation to your glutes, it helps in controlling the fat of the midsection part in your body, and also maintain the symmetry of the body.


  • Take a wide distance for activating the glutes.

  • Slowly sink down.

  • Avoid touching the knee to the floor.

  • Now squeeze on to get up.

  • Practice 2-3 rounds of 5-10 repetition on each leg.


5.Elevated Dynamic Hip Thrust

This exercise targets in cutting the fat of belly, glutes, hips, lower back, waist, and hamstrings. It also helps in bringing elasticity to the body and stabilizes your muscles.


  • After laying on the ground just raise the feet on the bench upward.

  • Ben your knees at 90-degree angle.

  • Place your palms on the floor.

  • Keep your body balanced.

  • Squeeze your core, hips, and glutes straight upwards.

  • Try to build a strong line through your torso.

  • Now, hinge your hips back down to return at the ground.

  • Repeat 2 sets 10 times.


6.Lateral Step-Ups

More workout and jumping will help you improving your saggy and bulging glutes. So, Lateral Step Up is planned by the certified gym instructors of the best fitness centers in Kolkata and other places.

Before starting this exercise, you should know the benefits of this workout. Lateral Step-Up helps hip-extension and flexion. This exercise also gives a good shape to your butt naturally without doing augmentation. This exercise also brings balance and concentration.


  • Place a step-stool in the floor.

  • Set the height of the step and keep it to 90-degree.

  • Hold dumbbells in your hands.

  • Keep your right foot at the center of the step.

  • Now place one foot on the step and rise another foot.

  • Maintain your balance properly.

  • After engaging the muscles of the right hip, try to drive the left knee upwards.

  • Now, return to the normal position.

  • Repeat it two times.

Note: Never practice it without the help of a professional trainer if you are a beginner because you may fall down if your balancing is not good.

7.Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Deadlifts are always good for the muscles of hips and legs but Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift focuses on each leg particular and works to improve the shape of each glute and leg. Moreover, it also makes your body flexible and gives you a good structure.

If it is a reliable gym in Kolkata then the trainers will definitely show you the correct shapes and will also let you know about its’ benefits.


  • Hold a dumbbell in a hand and raise your opposite leg up.

  • Bend your leg slightly neutral to the spine just forward.

  • After the end range of the torso is flattened stand in a T-shape posture.

  • Now, bring your legs to the normal position and relax.

  • Take expert help if you feel any difficulty.

  • Practice this exercise 5 times.









































If you want to practice these glute workouts under one roof then Starmark Fitness Studio is the most suitable gym near you with certified trainers who will help you figure correction in a few weeks. To talk directly with the trainers, you can dial 9831130003 or (033) 40011213. Staying in a nearby location will help you reach the address at 85 Prince Anwar Shah Road, 1st Floor, City High Building. Make your body beautiful and follow the above workout steps every day.  



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